Appia Nuova - on the other side of the wall

Vibe on the street: typically Roman, bustling, commercial.
Famous for: Via Appia Antica, once one of the most important roads in the world, dating back to 312BC. A wealth of ancient attractions, such as catacombs, and the more modern Cinecittà, where many famous films have been set.
Appia Nuova - on the other side of the wall
  • Appia Nuova requires a bit of investigation. The busy neighbourhood hides many top-notch pubs and restaurants, however, they are not well promoted and are hard to find. In addition, Appia Nuova is not considered a prominent cultural area. Talking with your neighbours will give you the most reliable insight as to what is going on in the neighbourhood.

    Nearby sights

    Though Appia Nuova begins outside the city walls at Porta San Giovanni, two major Roman basilicas just within the walls are intrinsically linked to the neighbourhood. Basilica San Giovanni in Laterano, which gives name to the entrance gate into Rome, is Rome’s Cathedral church and official seat of the Bishop of Rome, aka the Pope. The 4th-century church is one of Rome’s four principal churches and was built on the grounds of a late 2nd-century fort. You should investigate the entire complex as its title of ‘Seat of the Pope’ means that there are ancient baptismal fonts and historic Christian relics such as the Scala Santa, where Christ walked.

    Nearby is the Basilica of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, a 4th-century church as well with relics of the Holy Cross. Behind the church and integrated into the ancient walls is the Amphiteatrum Castrense, a 3rd-century arena visible both from inside the basilica, as well as outside along the ancient wall.

    Eating out and nightlife

    Dining in Appia Nuova can definitely be defined as very Roman since the area is replete with Roman pizzerias, restaurants and ice cream shops. What does this mean? Roman cuisine is very basic - pizzas, suppli (rice balls), pasta made of simple ingredients and meats. Places to look for include Pizzeria Dal Bersagliere, La Battilonta Trattoria and Gelateria Petrini. Nightlife may be best left to the Centre and Testaccio areas, but there are some fun pubs like The Blind Pig and Latte Pìu, a bar inspired by the film Clockwork Orange.

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