Vibe on the street: alternative, lively, colourful and studenty.
Famous for: numerous cheap bars, restaurants and shops and one of the best areas for nightlife. Some modern art galleries, such as Pastificio Cerere. Home to the main university campus.
  • San Lorenzo has an engaging social and cultural scene, due in part to its history as a student district. La Sapienza has the largest student body in Europe with over 100,000 enrolled students coming from Rome, Italy and other European countries. This multi-cultural student population has created a vibrant daytime and evening atmosphere and encouraged a recent rise in cultural events.

    Nearby sights

    Not to be missed is the Mura Aureliane, the ancient 3rd-century walls that run along the western border of the area. Throughout the centuries, Romans have inhabited the walls here, making unique and interesting architectural feats in the walls. In fact, in the bottom corner bordering Esquilino is Porta Maggiore, with its monument to aqueducts. Another ancient monument worthy of a photo is Sepolcro at Largo Talamo - a tiny rectangular mausoleum with small dome.

    On the eastern edge of San Lorenzo is The Basilica San Lorenzo fuori delle Mura, one of Rome’s four most important head churches and entrance to the large cemetery Verrano. A walk through Verrano is always interesting as there are several beautiful Victorian-era tombs and mausoleums of note. San Lorenzo’s background as a train workers’ neighbourhood and student district means that the neighbourhood has only recently developed as a trendy place whose two preferred hangouts are Pastificio Cerere (an artist exhibition space) and SAID chocolate factory.

    Eating out

    San Lorenzo has many great places for dining out. Some of the area’s best eateries include Tram Tram (a trattoria), Pinsa e Buoi (focusing on meats), Formula 1 (pizzeria) and SAID - the chocolate factory with excellent hot chocolate, of course. Pastificcio Cerere has recently opened a restaurant within its artsy complex. In general, the entire area has a great selection of food stands, cafés, restaurants and bars.


    As a student hub, San Lorenzo has a name as a good place to go in the evenings. It has a wide variety of bars, clubs and discos to suit all tastes. Your best bet is to head to Piazza dell’Immacolata. Its surrounding streets are practically lined with bars and pubs, known as locali. You could probably stay within a 200-metre radius the entire evening and never run out of things to do. Felt and San Lorenzo Caffe are faithful neighbourhood haunts.

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