The district of Ludovisi - understated elegance

Vibe on the street: elegant, modern, business-focused, busy during weekdays and more laid-back on weekends.
Famous for: lots of top-end hotels, one of the most famous and expensive streets in the city (Via Vittorio Veneto), and being a central location for Fellini’s ‘La Dolce Vita’.
The district of Ludovisi - understated elegance
  • Ludovisi’s reputation as an upmarket business area should not put you off taking a walk through this elegant area. Its history begins as the famous Gardens of Sallust, a 1st-century AD historian who acquired the illustrious gardens upon the death of Julius Caesar. Though there is not much to be seen of the gardens, the gentrified neighbourhood is rich in museums, churches and, to no surprise, shopping.

    Nearby sights

    Though Ludovisi is home to most of Rome’s luxury hotels, banks and businesses, it has several must-see sights. Via Veneto has the popular Church of Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini, which is perhaps best known for its bone-detailed crypt. And around the corner on Via Boncompagni is Museo Boncompagni Ludovisi, an early 20th-century palazzo with a collection of decorative arts, fashion and costumes.

    Head down Via Veneto to Piazza Barberini, with its famous Bernini-sculpted Triton fountain. Adjacent to the piazza is Palazzo Barberini, a museum with its vast collection of paintings and other artwork on par with the Borghese Collection. The Church of Santa Maria della Vittoria, near Largo Santa Susanna, has Bernini’s most infamous sculpture - St. Teresa in Ecstasy.

    Eating out

    Unbeknownst to many, Ludovisi has quite a collection of great food options, despite the overpriced restaurants lining via Veneto and near Piazza Barberini. For your morning cappuccino, Bar Lotti, just off the via Veneto, is a welcome change for those staying in the western area of the neighbourhood, and also UJuice on via Boncompagni for those in need of fresh fruit. Good restaurants are harder to find and come in a range of prices. Best bang for your buck are San Marco, a trendy pizzeria, with great pastas and Tullio, with great steaks. Please read blogs and for up-to-date reviews.


    Ludovisi nightlife is an interesting collection of hotel bars, like Harry’s Bar and any of the street-side bars along via Veneto, gentlemen’s clubs, and Babel, a discotheque literally under Villa Borghese. Most locals would suggest you either enjoy your time at any of the bars, restaurants or piazzas of the Centro along with the discos of Testaccio.

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