Monteverde - king of the hill

Vibe on the street: local and family feel, desirable, green.
Famous for: the biggest park in Rome, Villa Pamphilj, the green expanse of Gianicolo Hill, a perfect break from the chaotic nature of the city to somewhere with a more small-town feel, and lots on hand, such as a good choice of restaurants.
Monteverde - king of the hill
  • Monteverde is often considered a neighbourhood unto itself, thanks to its location atop the Janiculum hill. Since its reign as ‘king of the hill’ prevents it from overlapping with other neighbourhoods, Monteverde has no choice but to be everything at once, satisfying many social and cultural requirements. The neighbourhood is choc-a-bloc with parks, restaurants, cafés and even a monument and museum.

    Nearby sights

    Culture and entertainment revolve around the northern area of Monteverde. And most would agree that the best sight in Monteverde is Villa Doria Pamphili, with 455 acres of greenery. Formerly a private, suburban villa for the Doria Pamphili family, the park is now public grounds where you can jog, work out, picnic and play - at any age. In the summer time, an outdoor concert series is hosted at Villa Pamphili. Adjacent to the park are the Christian catacombs of San Pancrazio. And at the northernmost point of the area at the gate Porta San Pancrazio is the Museum of the Roman Republic - a collection dedicated to Rome of 1840-60s, during the fight for the unification of Italy.

    Eating out

    Monteverde is the unsung hero of eating out. The neighbourhood is a stronghold of restaurants from Roman cuisine to ethnic eateries. Main streets such as Via Carini, Via Ozanam and Viale Trastevere have several restaurants but its best to test out some of the side streets. Local favourites include Il Focolare for fish and Gatta Mangiona for pizza. Some of Rome’s most beloved pastry shops are found here such as Desideri and Cristalli di Zucchero. Finally, Monteverde has a niche beer bistro, Mondo Birra. Always keep an eye on ParlaFood and Elizabeth Minchilli whose food forages include current and in-depth assessments.


    Most of Monteverde’s nightlife revolves around dining but there are several cute bars and entoche (wine bars) that are great evening hangouts. Brasserie 420, a beer garden, on the southern border between Monteverde and Trastevere, has an excellent collection of beers and vibrant social scene. For an investment in more social interaction, make your way to nearby Trastevere and Testaccio.

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