Monti - Rome's 'it' neighbourhood

Vibe on the street: bohemian, fashionable, with a vibrant atmosphere and real mix of residents.
Famous for: lots of bars, trendy hang-outs and lively piazzas. One of the best-known shopping streets, Via Nazionale, and some cultural attractions.
Monti - Rome's 'it' neighbourhood
  • Monti is a cultural crossroads. The neighborhood is surrounded by contemporary galleries and museums, along with ancient monuments. More interesting is its recent evolution as a mecca for foodies for its great restaurants and food shops. It’s the life of the party with its bars and vibrant piazza life.

    Nearby sights

    The Monti ‘must do’ list includes the Coliseum and the Imperial Forums - whether walking into its museum and subsequently 2nd-century offices/market place, or enjoying a free peek at Trajan’s column and basilica. On the north western edge of the neighborhood is the Palazzo degli Esposizoni, an exhibition space for blockbuster contemporary shows while nearby Via Panisperna has several small art galleries.

    On the southeastern end of the area (and near the Coliseum) is the Church of San Clemente, a favorite underground site for archaeology lovers - it’s a church built atop a church built atop a 1st-century Roman house. Almost hidden in the center of this area is the Church of St. Peter in Chains (San Pietro in Vincoli) with an outstanding sculptural grouping by Michelangelo.

    Eating out

    Lately, Monti has become a focal point for foodies whether searching for panini (sandwiches), pizza or traditional dishes. Top-ranked local favorites include Trattoria Monti, La Carbonara and Taverna dei Fori Imperiali for Roman cuisine and Alle Carrette for pizza, but it is hard to truly list “the best restaurants in Monti”. That’s why Rome has food bloggers, a prolific bunch of individuals always out to let you know what’s best to eat in Rome and in particular Monti. For in-depth assessments and current listings on Monti’s food scene, look at ParlaFood and Elizabeth Minchilli.


    Everyone wants to hang out in Monti, whether sunshine or moonlight. And the vibe is much the same regardless of the time of day. Nightlife in Monti means bars and hang outs like Ai Tre Scalini, a rustic and often overcrowded wine bar, Urban47, a hipster wine bar/restaurant and Piazza della Madonna dei Monti - yes, people just hang out in the piazza. New entry to the scene is Caffe Propaganda, on the other end of the area, more chic than cheap restaurant and bar. Nighttime-only venues include Charity Café, a live jazz club and Casa Clementina, a home-inspired evening hang out spot.

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