Pinciano/Parioli - Rome’s greenest playground

Vibe on the street: quiet, refined, elegant, exclusive.
Famous for: the green expanse of Villa Borghese (containing the city zoo, art galleries, and the Pinco Hill). Should get more recognition for its great shopping.
Pinciano/Parioli - Rome’s greenest playground
  • Pinciano/Parioli has the remarkable ability to be entertaining to every age group and genre. The area has a vast range of things to do from museums, parks and outdoor activities to shopping, restaurants and cafés. Though it is not the picturesque Rome that you know and love, the area will definitely have something for you.

    Nearby sights

    Imagine Villa Borghese as an all-ages entertainment centre. The area has several attractions for children such as an interactive play area, cinema and puppet theatre as well as entertainment for adults. For the sporty, there are running groups, and bike and roller blade rentals. The park’s grounds have several museums: Villa Giulia (Italy’s national Etruscan museum), Galleria Borghese (a Renaissance and baroque collection), the Bilotti Chapel (modern and contemporary art and the reconstructed Globe theatre with summer play). There is also the Casa del Cinema with indoor and outdoor screenings, and Museo Canonica, a fortress like building housing Pietro Canonica’s art.

    Outside of Villa Borghese and immediately across the street (north) is the Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery, a national art collection. And likewise there are several cultural academies from countries such as Egypt, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Austria, which have cultural exhibitions and events.

    Eating out and night life

    Another secret to Pinciano/Parioli is its restaurant scene. The neighbourhood can boast two Michelin-starred restaurants, All’Oro and Oliver Glowig, along with up-and-comer Metamorfosi. Viale del Parioli has reincarnated itself as a restaurant destination. The street is lined with hip, Roman restaurants like Celestina, Molto and Dukes. For nightlife, Pariolini (what Romans call Parioli locals) seem to head to Ponte Milvio, across the river or else to the centre.


    Pinciano/Parioli is the best area for those with children. Being within walking distance to Villa Borghese means you have everyday entertainment for your children. Villa Borghese’s acreage includes a children’s park with old-fashioned puppeteers, lake with boats, bike and roller blade rentals, children’s cinema, a bouncy castle and Casino di Rafaello - a children’s play house. The BioParco (zoo) is located on the north-eastern area of the park with animals and events. Below the park, on via Flaminia is Explora, the children’s museum is filled with interactive games.

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