Prati - the Pope’s gardens no more

Vibe on the street: residential, family-friendly, fairly quiet.
Famous for: its shopping, Italy’s High Court building, the Palazzo della Giustizia, Piazza Cavour, museums, eateries and its music scene.
Prati - the Pope’s gardens no more
  • With its reputation as a residential area, some are quick to write Prati off as anything but a local shopping destination. However, the neighbourhood has a cache of several very interesting museums, cafes and music clubs worth exploring.

    Nearby sights

    Along the Tiber the Church of Sacro Cuore del Suffraggio has a very tiny "Museum of the Souls of Purgatory” where photos and handkerchiefs among other things are displayed with ‘signs’ from those in purgatory. Near Piazza Risorgimento is Profondo Rosso, shock director Dario Argento's Horror Museum. In that same area is the Historic Museum of the Arms of the Carabinieri – devoted to the military police’s munitions throughout its over 150 year history.

    Eating out

    One of the best-kept secrets is that Prati is an enclave of amazing restaurants - traditional Roman and nouvelle cuisine alike.Near Piazza Cavour, there are several traditional restaurants like Pizzeria San Marco as well as l’Arcangelo, which puts a modern spin on Roman cuisine. The neighbourhood boasts three wonderful gelaterie (ice cream shops): Fatamorgana, Gracchi and Al Settimo Gelo. You will never be hungry again.


    Depending on what time you’re going out, Prati has a busy nightlife and music scene. Early evening means aperitivi (cocktails) with buffet style antipasti at cafés like Mazzini and Antonini. Afterwards, most Romans usually head out for long dinners. Post dinner, you’ll find the scene moving to local pubs or jazz clubs. Bar Bar, The Place, Alexanderplatz and Fonclea all have live music evenings featuring all jazz genres.

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