Trevi - the neighbourhood of wishes

Vibe on the street: commercial, bustling, small and winding streets with a lot of charm.
Famous for: the Trevi fountain and loads of other monuments such as Quirinale Palace and Palazzo Barberini. It also has some of the biggest shopping streets nearby.
Trevi - the neighbourhood of wishes
  • Trevi’s personality happens in the small streets off the major conduits, even if these big roads contain everything a neighbourhood could desire. There are several important churches, museums, underground sites, cultural centres, cafés, restaurants and bars that complement the more refrained Quirinale Palace. At night, the neighbourhood quietens down and makes for a lovely evening walk.

    Nearby sights

    Aside from the Trevi Fountain, for which the neighbourhood gets its name, Trevi boasts two top museums - Palazzo Barberini and Palazzo delle Esposizioni - which cover ancient and Renaissance art, and contemporary art respectively. There are also the duelling Bernini/Borromini churches on via XX Settembre - San Andrea al Quirinale and San Carlo al Quattro Fontane – which are two great Baroque examples of different architectural technique. The Quirinale Palace, home to Italy’s President, is open to visitors, and across the piazza is the Scuderie which hosts blockbusters exhibitions. For those looking for some archaeology, just around the corner from the Trevi Fountain is Città dell’Acqua, underground 1st-century AD apartment buildings.

    Eating out

    Although Trevi may be a very hearty tourist area, there are some delicious restaurants just around the corner from the fountain itself: Al Moro and Osteria Romana (serving Roman fare) and Il Chianti with a more Tuscan menu. Just up the street is San Crispino, a historic gelateria recently made more famous in 2010’s Eat Pray Love. Rely on food blogs like ParlaFood and Elizabeth Minchilli for realistic restaurant reviews in Trevi.


    The best nightlife advice for Trevi is to take a late-night walk to the Trevi Fountain when you are guaranteed to avoid the crowds and possibly experience a bit of its romantic intentions. If you are looking for something a little bit more kinetic, our best advice is to head out of the Trevi neighbourhood. With frequent evening buses going to and from Trevi (check ATAC’s website for a complete listing), a night out in Rome is best had in the Centre, Trastevere and Testaccio neighbourhoods. If you must stay in the area, there are a few local pubs behind Via del Tritone and on Via Nazionale, but nothing to write home about.

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