Ave Vittoria! A glimpse into 21st-century Roman life

Vibe on the street: quiet, residential, prim, wide streets.
Famous for: Piazza Mazzini, the Italian armed forces museum, range of shops and businesses.
Ave Vittoria! A glimpse into 21st-century Roman life
  • Vittoria is best defined as residential, refined and relaxed. The neighbourhood atmosphere is all about living in Rome, not about Rome’s history, so it should not be considered a sightseeing destination. Vittoria is all about immersing yourself in daily Roman life - from morning coffee chat to afternoon walks and lengthy evening dinners.

    Nearby sights

    Toward the northern end of the area, along the Tiber River, is the Museum of the Italian Armed forces, considered one of the best military museums in the world. Tiny Piazzale Clodio has an antique market on the weekends where you can find turn-of-the-century furniture and other interesting, nostalgic knickknacks. At the very tip of Vittoria is Rome’s newest bridge, the arching Ponte della Musica that crosses the Tiber to Rome’s northern Flaminio.

    Eating out

    The quiet Vittoria has a wonderful selection of restaurants focusing on traditional Roman as well as nouvelle cuisine. Set your sights on Piazza Mazzini and the surrounding area. Settembrini experiments in Roman-Japanese and its adjacent wine bar focuses on bubbles - champagne and franciacorta. Nearby are traditional restaurants such as La Nuova Fiorentina and Pizzeria San Marco. The area is also known for elegant cafés like Mazzini and Antonini, which have a lovely aperitivo service and both off of Piazza Mazzini. Vittoria can claim home to Al Settimo Gelo, a delicious gelateria with slightly off-the-wall (but all natural) flavours like hibiscus.


    Vittoria nightlife means aperitivi (pre-dinner cocktails) - the few hours before dinner where cafés serve cocktails, bubbles and a nice selection of hors d’oeuvre. Lately it seems that Piazza Mazzini is a battleground for aperitivo hour with at least three cafés, Mazzini, Antonini and more recently Settembrini café, fighting to be the best. Andiamo!

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